View Full Version : Deceit in the Name of Jihad

Bill Moore
12-12-2005, 04:35 AM
From threatwatch.org, one can only hope this will begin to dry up some of the generous donations to terror groups coming from this country.


"Deceit in the Name of Jihad", A Saudi Mini-Series

Who would have ever thought that Saudi Arabia would ever air a miniseries titled Deceit in the Name of Jihad?

The five-part series, Deceit in the Name of Jihad, is being aired in prime time on Saudi state television and the satellite channel, Al Arabiya. It includes interviews with Saudis who claim to have fought alongside Muslim fanatics in Afghanistan and Iraq before realising they had been “brainwashed” by al-Qaeda recruiters.

The importance of this development cannot be overstated.

The War on Terror will not be won by the American war machine. It will be won through developments like this from within the Middle East and elsewhere. But to deny that changes and developments like this one would have ever occurred without the freeing of over 50 million people and multiple democratic elections as the direct result of the actions of American military operations is to be willfully blind.