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08-20-2007, 05:27 PM
Interesting look at social graph theory and the associated "social networks" theory. Good entry level explanations. The slides (.pdf) (http://bradfitz.com/social-graph-problem/social-graph.pdf) have a pretty good explanation of nodes and edges.

Brads Thoughts on the Social Graph (http://bradfitz.com/social-graph-problem/)

I've been thinking a lot about the social graph for awhile now: aggregating the graph, decentralization, social network portability, etc.

If you've seen me at any conference recently, I probably talked your ear off about it. I've gotten good at my verbal/visual presentations, showing my slides, pictures of graphs, and adapting my delivery to you based on your background, facial expressions, questions, etc. This is all a lot harder to do in a blog post where the audience is so diverse, so I've been lazily putting it off. I was also afraid that if I left anything out, I'd get flooded with comments like But what about __________? Clearly then all you say is wrong. But it's time I braindump this, so here goes....

....more at the link....