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09-05-2007, 06:02 PM
I just found out about this - definitely worth a look.

Revelations from the Holy Land Foundation Trial (http://www.s2institute.com/journal/):
The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Grand Jihad” in North America
by Terri K. Wonder

In S2’s May 2007 essay about the organizational and administrative structure of the Muslim Brotherhood, I suggested that knowledge of the group’s “branches” and “families” could aid front-line investigators in understanding the group’s potential role in supporting, planning, and conducting terrorism. I also explained that historically a major purpose of the group’s structure was to “mimic, infiltrate, and follow the lines of communication in Egypt’s civil service system.” Producing in the essay a link chart of the Brotherhood’s Field Apparatus along with explanations of each organizational unit in the diagram, I also wrote that the extent to which the Muslim Brotherhood had infiltrated its US host society was “an unknown worthy of systematic analysis.” However, I added that because our government lacks the resources to undertake such analysis, inquiry would be relegated to investigators “laboring in the margins.”