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01-09-2008, 09:07 AM
Mostly jokes….

The Cook Shack--Gab & Grub

JUST A GOOD OLD FASHIONED PATRIOTIC BLOG, with Backwoods straite tawk, views, wizdom & recipees frum the man that duz the cookin...."Cookie"..........

About Me
Bridgeport, New York, United States

I'm just an old Vietnam era DAV Seabee, (and an old conventional Sub-sailer ) who's just a killin time...till time kills me. After retiring from many years in Law Enforcement as a Detective Sergeant, I now spends most a m'time a cookin fer feller sportsmen(and m' Wife) & writin a cook'n column fer a Fish & Game Magazine. I Hunt & Fish and don't care much fer them ACLUers. I live in a small northern NY town on Oneida Lake, NY, and like it that way. I can be as cantankerous as a Grizzly Bear with a tooth ache, or as cuddly as a Teddy Bear...mostly the former...

01-09-2008, 11:26 AM
Sounds like an interesting place to check out, Beelzebubalicious !

Maybe you could could attach the link :D

01-09-2008, 11:31 AM
Oh, yes, that might be helpful. Here it is:


I should also add that the humor and commentary is not appropriate for the family or overly sensitive reader/viewer.