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03-24-2008, 05:44 PM

I am trying to a compile a comprehensive list for insurgency case studies for my students. The students are cobbling together PPTs using military history or Marshall-style case study format presentations. Here is my 20th century list:

Second Anglo-Boer War (United Kingdom [U.K.] vs. Boer separatists, 1899-1902).

Philippine Insurrection (United States [U.S.] vs. Filipino nationalists, 1899-1902 [1916]).

Arab Revolt (Ottoman Turkey vs. Arab rebels, 1916-1918).

Iraq 1920 (U.K. vs. Iraqi rebels, 1920).
China (Nationalist Party [KMT] vs. Communists, 1922-1949).

Nicaraguan Intervention (U.S. and Government of Nicaragua [GoN] vs. Sandinistas, 1925-1932).

France, World War II (Germany vs. French resistance and Special Operations Executive [SOE]/Office of Strategic Services [OSS], 1940-1945).

Balkans, World War II (Germany vs. Tito’s partisans and SOE/OSS, 1940-1945).

Greek Civil War (U.K., then U.S. and Government of Greece [GoG], vs. National Liberation Army [ELAS], 1944-1949).

Indonesian Revolt (Netherlands vs. Indonesian rebels, 1945-1949).

French Indochina (France vs. Viet Minh, 1945-1954).

Palestine (U.K. vs. Jewish separatists, 1945-1948).

Hukbalahap Rebellion (Philippine Islands [P.I.] vs. Hukbalahap, 1946-1954).

Malayan Emergency (U.K. vs. Malayan Communist Party [MPC]/Malayan Races Liberation Army [MRLA], 1948-1960).

Kenyan Emergency (U.K. vs. Mau Mau, 1952-1956).

Algerian Revolt (France vs. National Liberation Front [FLN], 1954-1962).

Cyprus (U.K. vs. Ethniki Organosis Kyprios Agoniston [EOKA] (a Greek terrorist organization), 1954-1959).

Aden (U.K. and Aden vs. Yemeni insurgents, 1955-1967).

Cuban Revolution (Cuba’s Batista regime vs. Castro, 1956-1959).
France (France vs. Secret Army Organization [OAS], 1958-1962).

Venezuela (Venezuela vs. urban-based Armed Forces for National Liberation [FALN], 1958-1963).

Vietnam War (U.S. and Government of Vietnam [GoVN] vs. National Liberation Front [NLF] and Democratic People’s Republic of Vietnam [DPRVN], 1958-1975).

Guatemalan Civil War (Guatemala vs. Marxist rebels, 1961-1996).

Angola (Portugal vs. Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola [MPLA], 1961-1974).

Guinea-Bissau (Portugal vs. Marxist rebels, 1963-1974).

Uruguay (Uruguay vs. Tupamaros, 1963-1972).

Mozambique (Portugal vs. Front for the Liberation of Mozambique [FRELIMO], 1964-1974).

Colombian Civil War (U.S. and Government of
Colombia [GoC] vs. Revolutionary Armed Forces of
Colombia [FARC] and National Liberation Army
[ELN], 1964-present).

Northern Ireland (U.K. vs. Irish Republican Army [IRA], 1968-present).
Weather Underground (WU) (U.S. vs. Students for a Democratic Society [SDS]/WU, Black Panthers, Symbionese Liberation Army [SLA] et al., 1968-1980).

Spain (Spain vs. Basque Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna [ETA]
(Basque fatherland and liberty), 1968-present).

Oman (U.K. and Oman vs. Popular Front for the
Liberation of Oman and the Arab Gulf [PFLOAG],

Germany (Germany vs. Baader-Meinhof/Red Army
Faction [RAF], 1970-1992).

Philippines (P.I. vs. New People’s Army [NPA] and
Moro National Liberation Front [MNLF]/Moro Islamic
Liberation Front [MILF], 1970-present).

Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka vs. Tamil New Tigers [TNT],

Palestine (Israel vs. Palestine Liberation Front [PLF]
et al., 1973-present).

Rhodesia (Rhodesia vs. Zimbabwe African People’s
Union [ZAPU] and Zimbabwe African National Union
[ZANU], 1974-1980).

Western Sahara (Morocco vs. Western Sahara
Freedom Movement [POLISARIO], 1975-1991).

Soviet-Afghan War (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
[USSR] and Government of Afghanistan [GoA] vs.
Mujahideen, 1979-1988).
Salvadoran Civil War (U.S. and Government of El
Salvador [GoES] vs. Farabundo Marti National
Liberation Front [FMLN], 1979-1991).

Senderista Insurgency (Peru vs. Sendero Luminoso,
1980-1995; vs. Tupac Amaru Revolutionary
Movement [MRTA], 1996-1997).

Nicaragua (Frente Sandinista Deliberacion Nacional
[FSLN] vs. National Guard [GN]/Contras, 1980-1990).

Kashmir (India vs. Kashmiri Muslim separatists,

Algeria (Algeria/National Liberation Front [FLN] vs.
Islamic Salvation Front [FIS]/Armed Islamic Group
[GIA], 1992-present).
Somalia Humanitarian Relief Mission (U.S. and UN
vs. armed factions, 1992-1994).

Chechnya (Russia vs. Chechen separatists, 1994-present).

Nepal (Nepal vs. Maoists, 1996-present).

I suspect it is far from comprehensive. I would appreciate any input on this and any 19th century insurgencies or rebellions the worthies here may know of.

Thanks for any aid in this endeavor ahead of time.

Steve Blair
03-24-2008, 05:48 PM
Marc will have some input regarding Canadian squabbles I'm sure, but for the US...

I'd take a look at the Indian Wars, both pre- and post-Civil War (say 1840-1860 and 1866-1891, although there is a good case for going into the Colonial problems and those in the East before 1840). Wide ground I know, but there's some interesting stuff in there.

For campaigns: Arizona from 1848 through 1876.
Kansas and Colorado 1866-1872 (roughly)
Texas 1873-1875
Arizona again (1880s)
Montana (1876)

And that's just scratching the surface.

Tom Odom
03-24-2008, 06:01 PM
just a few:

Congo 1960-1965
Congo 1968
Zaire 1977
Zaire 1978

Uganda against Amin
Uganda against Obote

Rwanda 1990-1993 RPF Against GOR Until Arusha
Rwanda 1994 Genocide and RPF Military Victory
Rwanda/Zaire 1996-1997--New GOR COIN against former military/militias
Rwanda/Zaire 1997-???? African "World War"

Many more including Congo-Brazzaville, Chad, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Angola into the 1990s, Burundi



William F. Owen
03-24-2008, 06:10 PM
Many more including Congo-Brazzaville, Chad, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Angola into the 1990s, Burundi

Sierra Leone/Liberia, 1992-99

03-25-2008, 09:20 PM
Marc will have some input regarding Canadian squabbles I'm sure,

Yup, and I wold have got it sooner, but I'm on the road now.

1837 Rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada
the 1868 Riel Rebellion
the 1885 Riel Rebellion


Mike in Hilo
03-26-2008, 01:16 AM
Palestine Arab Revolt 1936-39


03-26-2008, 05:24 AM
A few other case studies to consider (but by no means exhaustible):

Kurdistan (Iraq); Laos (1958-75); Cambodia (1958-75); Eritrea (1961-1993); South Africa (ANC); Namibia (SWAPO); East Timor (Fretlin); PNG/Bougainville (BRA); Indoensia/Aceh (GAM); Somalia (1991-present); Indonesia (Darul Islam); Thailand (both Communist and Southern insurgencies); Philippines (NPA and Moro insurgencies); Angola (UNITA), Mozambique (RENAMO); Morocco (POLISARIO); India (Naxalite, Assam etc); Burma (Karen); Pakistan (Baluchi, Waziristan); Turkey (PKK).

03-26-2008, 12:40 PM
....Kurdistan (Iraq);.......Turkey (PKK).
The Kurdish case, in both Iraq and Turkey, offers an opportunity to study the evolution of ethnic separatist movements. Both countries experienced a series of Kurdish nationalist revolts from the early part of the 20th century until today. Well, Iraq has experienced it throughout the century - but the Turks responded so harshly in the '20s and '30s (16 Kurdish uprisings, the most well-known being Sheikh Said, Dersim, and Agri Dag) that Kurdish nationalism didn't spark revolt in Turkey again until the emergence of the PKK.

03-28-2008, 02:57 PM
Thanks so much for the input. Is there a comprehensive one stop shopping for conflict categories and listings of historical COIN?

03-31-2008, 05:30 AM
There's no one central list that's constantly updated that I'm aware of (though others may have better sources). Wikipedia has a listing here, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerrilla_warfare#Historical_examples but that has all the usual risks involved with wiki entries

Another source is the USMC's Small Wars Center of Excellence with both current and past insurgencies at http://www.smallwars.quantico.usmc.mil/sw_today.asp and http://www.smallwars.quantico.usmc.mil/sw_past.asp

There's also a good listing in a NPS postgraduate study on Why Insurgencies Fail - Appendix A has a list of post-WW2 insurgencies. I'm fairly sure the SWC Library has a copy of the paper. Finally, there's a list of insurgencies the UK has been involved in at http://www.britains-smallwars.com/main/index1.html