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03-26-2008, 03:02 PM
USIP, 25 Mar 08: Law of War Training: Resources for Military and Civilian Leaders (http://www.usip.org/ruleoflaw/pubs/law_of_war_training.pdf)

.....a collaborative international team convened by the United States Institute of Peace undertook a worldwide survey of military law of war training programs and created the present resource manual. This manual is meant to serve not only as an information source but also as a catalyst for more countries to begin offering law of war training to their troops. It is also intended to provide a useful resource that governments can reference in determining the most appropriate means for ensuring their military forces are trained in the law of war. Operational commanders, military chiefs of staff, and civilian decisionmakers in ministries of defense and other appropriate bodies will be able to access information about the different types of training programs other countries have implemented and learn about possible options for instituting such training in their own countries. In addition, military and civilian leaders interested in having selected personnel participate in training programs provided by external sources will also be able to find information about bilateral assistance and international training programs. Further, the contacts and links to resources contained herein will hopefully prove useful to governments seeking to institute or improve law of war training in their own militaries.....
Complete 66 page paper at the link.