View Full Version : Secretary-general Accepts Resignation Of Security Head

06-27-2008, 01:31 AM
IMHO, not a good thing for the United Nations. Things HAD improved with an outsider of Sir David's qualifications trying to make headway...


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Following is UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s statement on the resignation of Under-Secretary-General for Security and Safety David Veness:

At a meeting with me yesterday, the Under-Secretary-General for Security and Safety, Sir David Veness, informed me that, as the Head of the Department of Safety and Security of the United Nations, he was willing to shoulder full responsibility for any security lapse that may have occurred in the context of the heinous terrorist attack on the United Nations in Algiers of 11 December 2007. In the light of this responsibility, as the Head of the Department of Safety and Security, Sir David has voluntarily offered me his resignation.

I am grateful to Sir David Veness for his high sense of devotion to duty and strong professional motivation. As the first Head of the Department, he has provided it strong leadership at a critical period in building a safety and security structure for the United Nations that has significantly improved its security management system in a whole range of areas. This fact is recognized by the Independent Panel itself. The Organization is deeply indebted to him. While accepting his decision to resign, in the interest of continuity, I have asked him to stay on until such time as a stable succession can be assured. I am aware that this will require some time.