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06-27-2008, 03:31 PM
Afghan National Army (http://www.mod.gov.af/)


International Security Assistance Force (http://www.nato.int/ISAF/index.html)

USAID Afghanistan (http://afghanistan.usaid.gov/en/index.aspx)

08-01-2008, 12:57 AM
This bibliography is intended to be an up-to-date resource for studying and researching contemporary Afghanistan. The vast majority of sources included are from after the late 1970s, except for in the bibliography section on ethnic groups.....
Table of Contents

1. Ethnic Groups
2. Conflict and Mobilization: War, Ethnicity, Jihad, Factions, “Warlords,” Etc… (Late 1970s to the present)
3. Islam, Political Islam, Sharia, Jihad, Sects
4. The International Community, Reconstruction, Security, Economy, Government, and Development
5. Opium Cultivation, Drug Use and Trafficking
6. Environment, Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources
7. Human Rights Violations
8. Women, Gender and Family
9. Civil-Military Relations, PRTs, COIN and Military Issues
10. Refugees, Internal Displacement, Migration and Diaspora Issues
11. Macro and Micro Economics
12. Opinion Polls, Interviews, Study Groups and Surveys
13. Periodicals and Academic Journals

06-27-2012, 12:32 PM
The (NATO) Civil-Military Fusion Centre (CFC) is pleased to launch its Afghanistan Map Library, which contains hundreds of maps of Afghanistan at the regional, national and subnational levels from open sources. In addition to basic geographical maps, the Afghanistan Map Library features sector-specific reports related to, for instance, poppy cultivation, governance, social development, refugees/IDPs and more. Maps can easily be searched and sorted, and users are able to download the maps in the system for use in presentations, reports and so on. This resource will continue to be updated, and we welcome subscribers’ recommendations regarding additional maps to include.