View Full Version : Aga Khan Development Network

11-23-2008, 10:24 PM
Has anyone dealt with this organization or have further information on them other than what I can find on Google?


This is a question of curiosity more than anything else.

Mike in Hilo
11-24-2008, 03:10 AM
When I was with USAID/Pakistan ('89-'94), we partnered with the Agha Khan Foundation by partially funding some their activities. They enjoyed a good reputation, emphasized small community development projects (heavy local community participation). As might be expected, most of their work had long been in the Northern Territories, where the population was heavily Ismaili (Sevener) Shiite (As you no doubt know, the Agha Khan holds a position within Ismaili Shiism analagous to that of Caliph)....As I dimly recall, an activity we began funding extended their operations in NWFP and possibly the FATA....I seem to recall that this particular project was a micro-credit activity. (My own work was mainly on the government-to-government program--I did not focus on NGOs.) This NGO was based in Geneva and attracted a number of talented experts, including USAID retirees...

Hope the foregoing sheds some further light....