View Full Version : The State of the Iraqi Insurgency

04-03-2006, 08:10 AM
From the Belgravia Dispatch blog - The State of the Iraqi Insurgency (http://www.belgraviadispatch.com/2006/04/the_state_of_the_iraqi_insurge.html).

... The insurgency is built around a loose and flexible network, feeds on deep-seated family, tribal and local loyalties, with allegiance to a cause rather than to specific individuals.

...On the ground, the insurgency is responding to the U.S. strategy – “clear, hold, and build” – by one of its own: recoil, redeploy and spoil. Rather than confront the enemy head on, it is taking advantage of its military flexibility, the limited number of U.S. troops and the fragility of Iraqi security forces.... .