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12-04-2008, 02:38 PM
Greetings from wintry Michigan,

Folks, I'm exploring some options here at Michigan State University for continuing education. The Criminal Justice Dept has several certificates available and three that catch my eye are Homeland Security, Intelligence Analysis and Security Management. Being thick skinned (tough hide, like skinning an old buck) I thought I'd post my thoughts here for criticism, comments, ridicule (feel free to "Go DI"):eek:

The website is here:

As I mentioned in another post on here, I'm looking to leave my research position at MSU and go back to serving my state or country in some defense fashion. There are jobs out there (even in Michigan...wow) but it seems necessary to beef up my training to back up my military and scientific experience.

So, am I way off base? What do folks think of these certificate programs? Like I said, I feel I have to start somewhere and I have no formal intel training. I did serve in Marine Corps infantry and Security Forces and held a Secret Clearance. So I do have some background here.

OK, unload with both barrels and thank you for lighting me up!:D

Semper Fi,