View Full Version : Help with C2 in Afghanistan

04-08-2006, 03:39 AM
I'm considering doing some academic work on the different C2 structures (and the corresponding strengths and weaknesses) of the military and civilian communities in Afghanistan. There's no thesis, per se, yet; but I'm thinking along the lines of discussing how the different C2 cultures - especially when co-existing in a place like Kabul - have both positive and negative effects on collective success.

I've got a pretty good grip on how the civilian communities organize (and there's not a lot there that can be put in a wiring diagram).

What I'm most lacking is clarity on the organigrams for ISAF and CFC-A.

I'm especially interested in simple charts from briefings (old or new) that show the c2 structures for either organization.

And, of course, comments or observations are always welcome! I'm at lsampler@hotmail.com or, of course, here.

Best to all,

Larry Sampler