View Full Version : Calling all 2004 Fallujah vets in the Boston area or on Skype

01-19-2009, 11:49 PM
Pardon the new thread, but the old one's original post and title were no longer editable:

On 27 January, I'm teaching a class on the battles of Fallujah to a group of 15 undergraduates. The focus will be on the tactical perspective. I had a guest booked but he had to cancel.

If any of you has relevant experience and is willing to pick up the slack, I'd love to have you in the class. You would relate your combat experiences to Ivory Tower kids to give them a sense of reality and then engage in discussion with them. No partisan politics, purely about your own experiences (and the broader Fallujah operation if you wish to speak about that). You'd essentially be leading the class for most of the time while I stand back and keep my mouth shut.

[further:] I completely forgot about Skype in the original post. There will be a live teleconference every class, so you can link up that way and contribute from afar.

PM me if interested or you know someone who might be.

Rewards: one limited edition university mug (only 100,000 made per year).



PS: The class runs from 18:00-19:15.