View Full Version : The role of American Influence (Credibility)

Bob's World
02-17-2009, 04:35 PM

Link is to what will apparently be a regular column on World Politics Review.

This mirrors a concept that we are playing with here, a notion that national security is derived through a strategic scheme designed to enhance national credibility in every thing that we do.

To say the word “Influence” in a State Department setting is to have it immediately interpreted as some form of coercion. Making others act or think in a way that we want them to, often with DoD leading that effort.

To say “Influence” to a military crowd and they immediately think of the messaging efforts that are done in conjunction with the engagement activities being conducted.

The concept that we are developing, and that appears to be at the heart of this author’s column is that it is a nation’s credibility that allows it to function securely and effectively among its many competitors; and that if that credibility is expended faster than it is created, it can ultimately weaken a state in ways that decrease security and increase the amount of effort required to accomplish day to day activities.

Our words are only about 10% of what builds and takes away from credibility, the bulk is manifested in the message of our actions and policies.

Is America currently “deficit spending” on our National Credibility?

If so, what changes can we make to the “Ways” and “Means” of our engagement to better achieve our National “Ends” in the world we face today?