View Full Version : Enemies, Irregular Adversaries, Spoilers, Non-compliant Actors-Definition & Influence

08-11-2009, 06:38 PM
NUPI, 5 April 2009, Enemies, Irregular Adversaries, Spoilers, Non-compliant Actors: How the Definition of Actors Influences Afghanistan Strategies (http://www.nupi.no/content/download/9622/99477/version/4/file/SIP-2-WP-756-Dansie.pdf)

Current descriptions and explanations of the situation in Afghanistan include the use of a wide range of terms; however the true meaning of these terms is often unclear. In planning and outlining effective strategy clear and useful definitions will be required to ensure worthwhile and successful results. This study examines how definitions may significantly affect strategy by focusing on the example of non-violent or low level violent actors in Afghanistan that are perceived as negatively affecting international peace and stability operations. It highlights that the situation is inherently more complex that at first glance. Our definitions may carry entrenched meanings that negatively affect our perceptions of certain actors. At the same time the situation on the ground is extremely complex with numerous factors influencing this perceived negative behaviour. The study outlines a number of dilemmas involved in developing these definitions, as well as highlighting how these play out on the ground.