View Full Version : Question 3: More on distance learning and modularized education

08-14-2009, 02:50 AM
Education theory and practice rotate around a simple set of concepts often referred to as the scholarship of teaching and learning. Asynchronous and synchronous learning at distance while maintaining peer-to-peer and instructor cohesion are possible. Common software tools like Adobe Connect, BlackBoard, Moodle, and Delphi allow for partial implementations of these techniques.

Modularization of learning content around outcome based learning objectives rarely works as expected or needed in education but is especially relevant in training. To explain simply the difference if I may be coarse "would you want your 15 year old daughter to receive sex education or sex training in school"? Modularization of component skill sets can be moved around and introduced at different "Bloom Taxonomy" levels. This kind of training modularization would seem to be a perfect fit (and once again begging pardon on my ignorance might exist).

What could the larger education and training technology world provide if anything to help with this kind of education and training model if anything?

What are the infrastructures available if any to role out this kind of education and training?

What are the intangibles that might be barriers to this kind of modularization?