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10-09-2009, 06:40 PM
"The need to vent" in this case is MY need to vent. I woke up today to find the following article in my inbox, about yet another shoe-throwing incident. And I just thought they are going to hell and taking all of us with them and wanted to share my comment in the hope that commentators will bring in some better argued and better enunciated versions of the same complaint..and hopefully, some hint of a solution. The article to which I refer is from a Pakistani website (paknationalists.com) widely believed to be pro-army and virulently anti-American (which might have been OK, if they were not at the same time virulently anti-civilization).

This nonsense is typical of the attitude of the Islamists and their supporters: because they dont like the world as it exists, they feel no need to be bound by any of the civil niceties that make life bearable in this world. Some of their transgressions are very minor (like this stupid shoe throwing epidemic) and others are really significant; like the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians in campaigns of terrorist bombing, an innovation that has not stopped the targeting of civilians by militaries (already occurring all over the world and throughout history) and has simply made it easier for every fascist in the world to do his job...some innocents have been killed by previous insurgencies, but the systematic and deliberate targeting of civilians, without any concern for who the civilians may support or even what ethnic group they belong to, the use of every ruse in the book (from asking to use a toilet and blowing up the place, to putting a bomb up their rectum and exploding in a shower of excrement and blood, to the use of civilian airliners as guided weapons, etc etc), all this has made our world less safe, less livable and NO LESS oppressive or unjust. And there seems to be no end to this nihilistic downward spiral....


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American Neocon Gets A Shoe On His Face In Pakistan

A US government propagandist, Clifford D. May, came to Karachi to lecture Pakistani students on how their country should align itself with the US agenda in the region. A Pakistani nationalist student answered him in a befitting way.

By talkhaaba

Friday, 9 October 2007.


Clifford D. May hussain1mh7MP

Karachi University student Muhammad Hussain [C] hurled a shoe at Clifford D. May [L], a defender of the US mess in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is a sample of the shoe size [R] that we recommend for throwing at US officials who come to Pakistan to criticize our nation, our military and our intelligence officers. British Prime Minister has called Pakistani Pashtuns terrorists. We recommend the same shoe size for him the next time he comes to Islamabad.

KARACHI, Pakistan—Another frustrated but conscientious youth tried to hit an American with shoe. Luckily or unluckily, the shoe hurled at Clifford D. May , the President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a conservative think tank chalking out policy plans for the US administration regarding the so-called war on terror, missed the target. According the news published today “A Karachi University (KU) student on Thursday threw a shoe at a visiting American journalist, Clifford May, who was to deliver a lecture at the university. Clifford escaped the attack when a student, Muhammad Hussain, from the Imamia Students Organization (ISO), hurled the shoe at him. The incident occurred during the question-answer session of Mr. Clifford's lecture on “Pakistan’s Role in Countering Terrorism” at the Department of International Relations at the university.

The Nation reports that the lecture was organized without the permission of the university administration and most of the concerned staffers of the said department had expressed their disaaproval and did not participate in the lecture in protest.

Another largely circulated English daily The News reports that the incident is “the first of its kind in Pakistan”.

Journalist May who is a Republican and was said to be an active member of the party during George W. Bush’s administration, was speaking at the Department of International Relations (IR) on the topic ‘Pakistan’s Role in Countering the Challenge of Terrorism’ when a student of the department threw a shoe on the journalist.

Talking to Aaj news channel Muhammad Hussain told, “He just couldn’t control when the journalist humiliated Pakistanis. “It was the attitude of American Scholar which compel me to hurl shoe at him” Muhammad Hussain told the media and said that when the scholar called Muslims extremist and opted for a humiliating attitude when the students started asking questions regarding Iran” Hussain told that his life has become endanger and the angry American may kill him”


The student is inspired from Muntazer al-Zaidi who threw his 10 no shoe at George W. Bush, the leader of Clifford D. May. The Muslim youth in Islamic world seems to be inspired from the pioneer of Show throwing, the least which Muslim youth can do when their whole leadership has sold out and is bent upon selling the whole Ummah to the nation which consider it their religious duty to subjugate the Muslims in order to take their revenge of crusades. [ May reference may be cited if demanded]

Who is Clifford?

Clifford D. May is the President of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on terrorism created immediately following the 9/11 attacks on the United States.

He is also the Chairman of the Policy Committee of the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), an international, non-partisan organization based in Washington D.C. comprised of leading members of the national security community. In 2008, The Daily Telegraph (U.K) named May one the “100 most influential conservatives in America.” That’s means he is responsible for what the American have done with Muslims and Muslim world for the last 10 years.

In 2006 he was appointed an advisor to the Iraq Study Group (Baker-Hamilton Commission) of the United States Institute of Peace, an independent nonpartisan national institution established and funded by Congress. [No need to tell what American did in Iraq]

The significance of Show Throwing

A Turkish student who threw a shoe at International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn has explained it one sentence. He said ‘He (Strauss-Kahn) is the representative of global capitalism. I tried to raise my views by protesting against him.” Similarly George W. Bush, Chadam Baram and Clifford D. May all are the representatives of aggression against free states and are thus devils who have made this world a living hell. The least Muslim youth can do is to tell them you’re not liked here. Thanks to Boston group like intellectuals [don’t forget infamous Hussain Haqqani] who assure the USA that you’re liked or even loved for your actions in Muslim States. Muhammad Hussain Has rightly said that the nation which has destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq and is responsible for killing of Women and children in Gaza and Lebanon has no right to teach us. May be some on like Hussain Haqqani come up with “argument” that it’s difficult to change others but it’s easy to change yourself. Dr Aamir has answer to this Question of Mir Jaffar known as Hussain Haqqani. Pls click here to watch this also. This article, Why I threw the shoe by Muntazer al-Zaidi defending his action may also be helpful in clearing in the misconception of those who are asking to say yes to every US order.

This story was published by Talhaba, a Pakistani blog.

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