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    Your post is interesting. Here are a few curb...

    Your post is interesting.

    Here are a few curb stone observations as an old Pakistan/Afghan hand from long, long ago, the President /Field Marshal Ayub Khan era in country:

    1. The PPP...
  2. Petraeus, phonetically spelled Pea tray us

    Name is Petraeus, I think?
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    Seasonal slanted news/worst kind of yellow journalism


    Your analysis, my two cents, is dead on right and correct.

    Once our Congress is back in session so called public opinion will shift heavily, again.

    The terrorists in Pakistan are...
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    3 excellent insider knowledge Pak military stastus posts


    Good reading in all three paper's cases.

    Thanks for these excellent posts.
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    And the odds are the Taliban killed the 12 year old girl and then lied to create the mutiny and desertion.
  6. August 10 2009 ASIAN INSTITUTE IN LAHORE article on civil law vs. religious "law"

    This excellent recent article (Aug. 10, 2009) from the Lahore based ASIAN INSTITUTE on the supremacy of civil law over religious law is a must read for everyone...
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    I concur, and it is a damn shame!

    The British experience in Malayia did not happen in a few years.

    We are up against essentially a non-existant society in Afghanistan, weaker even than the original US Articles of Confederation...
  8. Good to know as my SC and VA family fm Pvt. to Lt. Col. were on the US side there

    Many facets of family tree, both my Mothers and Fathers sides, were in the Continental Armies of SC and Virginia opposing the British during the Revolutionary War.

    Not to bore you with names and...
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    We certainly hope so

    We certainly hope so!
  10. Poll: Random language comments

    Folks in Pakistan and India who speak Urdu as a rule also speak English. My experinece when stationed in Pakistan, while ancient, 1963-1965, was then, and I suspect based on friendship still in...
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    Having served long ago in Pakistan (then West...

    Having served long ago in Pakistan (then West Pakistan) with side trips to the old US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, mixing in events since 911 I do not favor walking away from Afghanistan when a new...
  12. Graduate credits for SWJ dialogue

    This dialogue has gone on so long today that this poor UK recently graduate can get 3 graduate semester hours credit for just eliciting and reading and replying to all of us!
  13. More thoughts, too

    If you guys want to keep piling on advice to this young man in UK, I have a friend who concurrently did both his JD at Duke Law while doing in PhD in History/International Relations at Duke Graduate...
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    Poll: Hyuandi reopens plant talk in/with N. Korea

    Has anyone noticed in today's world news that South Korea's Hyuandai has reopened talks for plant/production inside N. Korea?

    I was formerly unaware that Hyuandai already had a foothold inside N....
  15. Brainy despite deceptive blog name!

    Schmedlap, you are indeed a "closet brain!"
  16. Ideas, you have youth and a lifetime ahead on your side

    David's advice makes the most pragmatic sense, having read over everyone's inputs back to your original questions.

    There are examples of one to any combination of programs anyone can bring up.
  17. Go for the law degree (JD) by all means. Over a...

    Go for the law degree (JD) by all means. Over a lifetime top lawyers sail their own courses and many have ended up start to finish in careers in the US Dept. of State; US Treasury Dept.; US Dept. of...
  18. Poll: Languages, focus on Arabic

    In my opinion as an old Pakistani hand, Urdu is a waste of time. Almost everyone in Pakistan speaks English, whether they can read or write it is another matter.

    Arabic makes a lot of sense as...
  19. How about infrasture for consumer needs or wants...

    How about infrasture for consumer needs or wants inside Afghanistan?

    Coke and Pepsi plants?

    Canned food plants?

    Consumer electronics, TVs, radios, plants to make such?

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    Poll: N. Korea can be led by consortium free enterprise offers

    Your summery overview thoughts and observations are of course darn good.

    I worked the "Korea Scenario" as a chief of J4 computerized wargamming (as a reservist doing only IDTs and ADTs, some...
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    Poll: I have decied now as age 70 approaches in a few...

    I have decied now as age 70 approaches in a few weeks that almost anything is possible if we work at it hard enough, long enough. History and world events were unimaginable which have come to be,...
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    The A-10 is a very old subsonic tank killer.

    It sounds like we have nitwits making battle plans if any of these quotes and suppositions are true.

    Might as well bang bots together to drive the...
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    Poll: Dayuhan: 1. North Korea can't be left to...


    1. North Korea can't be left to make it's foreign exchange by sales of atomic bomb technology and missles to dangerous third world nations in this time of our war on terrorism.

    2. ...
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    Poll: N. Korea has to look to the Mainland China model

    I worked in the Japan Section of the Asia Dept., old Manufactuers Hanover Trust Co. in NYC, while doing my night school MBA at NYU at bank expense, while doing 2 lunch seminars on both domestic and...
  25. KHYBERWATCH/GLOBAL HUJRA focused & useful anti-Taliban remarks

    08-11-2009, 08:18 AM
    Khan Baba
    Moderator Join Date: Aug 2006
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