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    While disturbing, it's not just a thesis...

    The Sinaloa cartel has the Mexican army and the Federal Police heavily infiltrated in the western half of the country, and some would argue that Chapo owns the Federales. But in their areas of...
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    Rain, or lack thereof...

    makes absolutely no difference to the huge meth production ops run by Sinaloa primarily, but also by La Familia Michoacana, Los Caballeros Templarios, and Los Zetas. Huge labs in Sinaloa, Durango,...
  3. Definitely a work of art, but not exactly a handy one!

    Hey Stan,

    The site isn't mine, but I'd love to have the Intimidator Puzzle Pistol too! Talk about a conversation piece for the coffee table... Not much utility there, but truly gorgeous...
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    Bona fide threat, in my book

    Having been on the receiving end of AntiSec's very thorough and devastating hack over Christmas, and spending several weeks digging into the Anonymous/AntiSec activities (and still waiting for the...
  5. Well...

    I did try to pull myself back on-topic at the end of my last post.

    ...GlockGlockGlock... lmao!
  6. For whatever it's worth...

    There was a time when I adhered to the philosophy "why sting 'em with a BB when you can smack 'em with a brick!" To that end, like jmm99, I had a Ruger Super Blackhawk .44mag -- with the 10.5" barrel...
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    Blake Mora

    Weather clear, temps in low 70s, winds under 10kt.

    Smells like foul play...
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    got it..

    and replied.

    I'll be very interested in your feedback.

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    Misifus, the insight on the aristocracy's presence in Saltillo was very helpful! Thanks! Do you perceive that at some point the old family power structure will move to quell the spikes of violence...
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    No, not that...

    My apologies for being less than clear. Judging from your included map in your post earlier this week, you travelled through the Los Zetas territory which they've been using as a supply depot for...
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    Misifus, I'm curious

    What your experience has been in your travels in MX...

    I spend all of my work hours focused upon Mexico's cartel wars, and likely too much of my personal time as well. Hence my curiosity.
  12. A good compilation of Brievik's internet ramblings

    It's even in english... :rolleyes:
  13. ...and then there's his manifesto...

    More precisely, the Israeli press' take on it...

    Full article found here:
  14. Some added info

    It's been confirmed that he worked alone, that the attacks were planned and prepped for long in advance, that his background included Norwegian military service (conscription has been mentioned).
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    The cartels haven't needed "outside help"


    The agent making connections between cartel tunnels and Middle Eastern orgs such as Hizballah, whether by intent or (post 9/11) knee-jerk reaction, ignores six centuries of mining history...
  16. Still a firm believer in Heuer's research...

    I found him to be spot on. It's not possible to eliminate cognitive biases from the analyst entirely, as they're based in how we learn and incorporate knowledge. What IS possible is significant...
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    Fiction and nonfiction recently

    On the fiction side I recently inhaled Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, and Daniel Levine's The Last Ember (which was great right up until the end, where it got to be a bit too much).

    On the...
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    25,864 Stop! You're killin' me!
  19. Point well made

    I was thinking smaller numbers involved reduced risk better, but your point is valid.
  20. Concur

  21. yes...and no....

    While it does appear that the choice (among the members of the intell committees) regarding how many would be briefed has the possibility of being reduced, given the nature of the beast it is...
  22. Marc, a re-read may be in order

    This latest development appears to be giving too much authority to the committees that love to produce camels, rather than to the executive. There are some good people on the Senate and House select...
  23. Sensitive Covert Action Notifications - Gang of Eight may be history...

    The Congressional Research Service released a report 7 July 2009 regarding (what I perceive to be) a step backward in oversight procedures. LINK

    From the Exec Summary:

    I recognise the need...
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    Has anyone yet read Achieving Victory In Iraq:...

    Has anyone yet read Achieving Victory In Iraq: Countering an Insurgency by Col. Dominic J. Caraccilo & Lt. Col. Andrea L. Thompson? If so, what are your thoughts on the book and its authors? Also as...
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    Excellent point

    Regardless of how we or American society at large, or Chavez or anyone else thinks, it is not anyone's place to determine for Honduras how it should be handled. They are a sovereign state, whether we...
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