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    John Paul Vann 1963 Farewell Message

    When JPV left Vietnam as an advisor in 1963, he wrote out a message to his contacts and provided an English copy to his American advisors. This is referenced in "A Bright Shining Lie" on pages...
  2. Seriously?

    I can only hope that you were drunk when you wrote this. This sort of hysteria is - almost - unbelievable coming from a retired O-6 and someone whose intellect and insight is supposedly worthy of...
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    Read the 5-16 Investigation

    The 5-16 investigation and the pictures enclosed in it give the most complete picture, providing context you can't see in the video.
    First, the ground unit had declared TIC and the Apaches were on...
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    Cross-border Gang Dynamics Reading?

    Looking for an academic, at least well researched and hopefully noted, book on the dynamics of gangs like MS13 and 18th Street and how they have spread across borders from LA to Mexico and Central...
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    Tragic and true. How can we fix the CoC's...

    Tragic and true. How can we fix the CoC's disconnect with what matters?
  6. Legislation, Re-organization...

    Whether we are talking about CT, COIN, other threats, people always talk about how we need to reorganize, retrain, etc, to deal with the new age threat. Even if any of that would ultimately be...
  7. Security Theater

    Looking forward to the ineffective security theater harrassment that this will produce at the airport for the post-holiday flights.

    Two articles with further links on the theatrics that pass for...
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    Looking for Stuff on the Reformation

    Long story, but stems from an article by Gumz about war's autonomy and current COIN fascination:

    Does anyone have any suggestions regarding reading on how the Reformation fed into the European...
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    Maybe I'm upset because I think that instead of...

    Maybe I'm upset because I think that instead of continuing to debate this guy, his credibility, and his motives, the supposed professionals here should actually speak to the issue. I don't give a...
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    Long day, long week, probably should not enter...

    Long day, long week, probably should not enter the fray but can't help myself. I find some of the comments in this thread to be distasteful at best. I question just how much more of a leg to stand...
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    Complex Adaptive Systems?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a book on complex adaptive systems or systems/complexity theory that is worth reading? I'm looking for something that will be helpful for applying as a frame of...
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    Declassified Documents

    See the National Security Archives at GWU for a treasure trove of declassified documents on Vietnam and other issues. Some of these are original top secret memos declassified and scanned in as PDFs....
  13. Poll: IMI- Hate it for several reasons. -Easy to...

    IMI- Hate it for several reasons.
    -Easy to mandate by those at "echelons above reality" (as the Army guys would say, I think) but impose a growing burden on the operational world.
    -Cutesy, fancy,...
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    I'd hope Fisk provided more historical context as...

    I'd hope Fisk provided more historical context as he took over 1000 pages to do it.
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    Schmedlap- Fair enough. Nydell's book,...

    Fair enough. Nydell's book, "Understanding Arabs" is much shorter and more user friendly, but it certainly does not have the publicity that "The Arab Mind" did and still does. Despite...
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    2 cents and a plug - daggers out

    My two cents:

    -I have to disagree with Schmedlap's suggestion of "The Arab Mind." Even with his caveat, I still think that the book is garbage for several reasons. The book is old,...
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    Can't Tell...

    if Courtney Massengale just likes to ruffle feathers and put out a contrarian viewpoint for fun or if he really is a lot like Courtney Massengale, but it sure seems like he's taken the contrarian a...
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    Balance - Generally good

    I admit that I skimmed through a lot of the stereotype slinging and back-and-forth, so I apologize if I am rehashing old ground, but I would like to throw in my two cents. I have met and served with...
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    Long-term data on military compensation?

    I'm looking for a study of trends in military compensation costs. There is a lot of discussion about privatization of military roles and often the reason given is that it costs so much to compensate...
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    Urban Dictionary

    Another thing about DLI... The regular classes refuse to teach any slang or dirty words because they say that the kids will use them in class, which is true. One of the Iraqi teachers, however,...
  21. One more thing...

    "Companies that perform studies and analysis for organizations like TRADOC are usually small and specialized, and generally aren't involved on the acquisition side."

    Details aside because my...
  22. JW: Chill...

    You are being far to defensive, taking this far too personally, and not reading my posts carefully. Calm yourself down. And, by the way, I don't need your free advice to know to stay out of the...
  23. Up front, I'm not pointing the finger solely at...

    Up front, I'm not pointing the finger solely at contractors. As Ken White put it, there is plenty of blame to go around and I recognize it. Contractors (speaking of the companies more than the...
  24. Hey J Wolfsberger...

    instead of insulting me and calling what I say nonsense, or at least in addition to insulting me, then why don't you explain how ill-informed I am. Sensitive because contracting dollars are lining...
  25. Read the title of the WSJ article

    Cliff, Lehman isn't saying that we shouldn't have the F-22. From the title, and the article itself, he's saying that the bloating of costs due to the screwed-up nature of our acquisitions...
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