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    Economizing Defense: A Roadmap for Building Sustainable Afghan Security Forces

    The author is:

    It is a curious article which seeks to provide an answer to:

    Sorry from...
  2. How merchant ships can keep safe in dangerous waters

    I doubt many, indeed any readers of the Forum will need this, but it may help others understand the risks and how to mitigate them. Plus there are multiple...
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    Former fighters have been warning people not to rock the boat

    An odd story, but in Northern Ireland a few ex-PIRA have advised against recourse to violence. Given the far higher level of violence in Algeria, with 200k dead, it is noteworthy. Here is one quote:...
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    Via Twitter after a Twitter spat over the London...

    Via Twitter after a Twitter spat over the London murder rate. The graphic fails to display, so please use the link....
  5. Previous post would not accept editing....

    Previous post would not accept editing. Bellingcat adds in the NYT a commentary:
  6. The Independent has the DoD video, not great...

    The Independent has the DoD video, not great quality and without anything in support e.g. mapping showing the boat's onward journey....
  7. Bellingcat and How Open Source Reinvented Investigative Journalism

    Thanks to a "lurker" a pointer to this NY Review of Books article, which I have only skimmed...
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    A place to shop at

    Listened today at a local crime conference to Christian Meissner, a Professor of Psychology at Iowa State University and this is a pointer to his work @ Iowa...
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    MilitaryIntelligence and the War in Dhofar: An Appraisal

    Id'd today whilst looking for very old Rhodesian personalities; the author is Professor Clive Jones, of Durham University and was published originally in the journal 'Small Wars & Insurgencies' and...
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    Taking stock and looking over your shoulder

    A rather large (46 pgs) document by David Anderson, the former Independent Reviewer of CT Legislation, who was asked to conduct an assessment of progress has been made...
  11. Hezbollah 3 tons explosive found in London in 2015: mysterious?

    A shocking headline by the US correspondent of 'The Daily Telegraph' which upon examination refers to a police arrest in September 2015, yes 2015. In summary:

    The full story is behind a pay-all,...
  12. Lessons were learned—or relearned—the hard way, and now being forgotten

    The title is adapted from a short article by a British Army officer, centering around the lessons of fighting in Basra in 2007 onwards (27 February - 3 September 2007), and appears on the MWI website...
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    Greece’s Most-Wanted Terrorist: an update

    For the original pointer see Post No.15 on this terrorist and a new commentary by a Greek academic (based in the UK) who has written on Greek terrorism. The main article is behind a pay wall, but I...
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    Oakland has an answer

    From a 'long read' and quite a surprise to me "over here"; sub-titled:
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    We are here too! IS announcement

    First there is an IS announcement that they are active in Mozambique and second a list of articles on this 'small war'. Cut & paste did not work, so read...
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    UK diplomat adds

    Via Twitter from a respected journalist, Patrick Wintour of The Guardian, alas minus where this was said and quote the tweet in full. The diplomat's text is in bold:

    Well a little research found...
  17. Now an Indian commentary

    A short commentary by an Indian SME:

    Two selected passages:

    A taut comment on the author of the first article:
  18. The School Shooter –A Quick Reference Guide from the FBI

    This is a one page summary of the work by the Behavioral Analysis Unit, dated March 2018. More of a starting point, even a poster / aide memoir for LE and others:...
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    Militarizing the Peace: UN Intervention Against Congo’s “Terrorist” Rebels

    Hat tip to Lawfare for this critical article on the UN's mission in the DRC; with an Editor's opening:...
  20. Context & Insight

    Hamid Hussain, our regular contributor, has a commentary on the verdicts; below is an edited down version, if the full text is required PM me please:

    The references to the PTM are explained on a...
  21. Espionage case shatters Pakistan army’s myths

    A curious report on an Indian newspaper website written by a ret'd Pakistani diplomat, now in the USA and the full title is: 'Espionage case shatters Pakistan army’s myths -and the belief its nuke...
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    Uncovering Pakistan's secret human rights abuses (in Waziristan)

    A long BBC News report that opens with:

    Hardly a Pakistani state "hearts & minds" approach to countering militancy. So in this case the...
  23. RAMSI: a reassessment

    The latest RUSI Journal (January 2019) has a lengthy article on RAMSI by John Fraenkel, a New Zealand academic; it is free to view today...
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    Is this why Djibouti is important to China?

    Thanks to a photo essay in the RUSI Journal (behind a pay wall) on 'Climate Change and Djibouti' referring to the Chinese mining millions of tons of salt from Lac or Lake Assal - is that the reason...
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    Automated Facial Recognition Technology: a UK review

    The use of Automated Facial Recognition (abbreviated to AFR) Technology has become a public issue here, sometimes with references to China's use and the implications for liberty, human rights etc. By...
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