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    Aside from the fact that this author is wrong...

    Aside from the fact that this author is wrong about how the Brits are reacting to Boston (as you pointed out), the comparison falls flat for another reason: The IRA's bombings in London were always...
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  3. Recapitalizing the U.S. Air Force: Pay Now, Or Pay Later
  4. Chinese IP theft (nations besides the U.S.)

    Hi, I am doing some research on Chinese hacking of defense contractors. There has been a great deal of attention in the news about the various Chinese theft of IP from U.S. companies, but far less...
  5. Cyber-Gang Warfare (from Foreign Policy)

    Dr. Richard B. Andres of the National War College has just published a new piece for Foreign Policy on cyber militias. Thought I would share:

    (unfortunately, you'll have to log on to FP via...
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