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    tough problem

    It seems unlikely with the technology I am aware of that combat will come about as a result of a cyber attack. It is just too easy to cover your tracks. For some time I expect serious attention will...
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    Check out shirtless Putin. He's trying to invent...

    Check out shirtless Putin. He's trying to invent some sort of macho super hero image for himself.
  3. Saakashvilli is an idiot and he's trying to drag...

    Saakashvilli is an idiot and he's trying to drag the rest of us into being idiots with him. Didn't he know about the Russian forces ready to strike? And if so, why on earth did he continue? Was he so...
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    I want a Johnny 7

    It seems that one of the areas that land warrior might need improvement is in not trying to be everything to everybody. That said, it seems like any other technology in that it will evolve into a...
  5. Poll: Reckoning the costs

    I think it would be lots cheaper in the long run to take a few hundred billion dollars and promise it to Israel and Palestine if they can put together a peace deal in the next 6 months. Or possibly...
  6. News story on CNN

    This has nothing to do with your great anecdotes Rob, but it seemed that this was a story that you'd love. An Iraqi officer and his troops gave a check for $1000 to help out Americans hurt by the...
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    Thanks guys!
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    That's true but with newer rounds like Excalibur,...

    That's true but with newer rounds like Excalibur, a recent variant of MLRS, guided bombs (that can work in bad weather as opposed to laser guidance), as well as telling where the average soldier is...
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    Poll: A prediction

    After the USA spent a large part of its wealth in the defence of Europe through the cold war while Europe invested in social programs there should be some equity. Unless the alliance coughs up some...
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    Better Intel?

    Killing civilians is unwanted, but some of the increase in air strikes might be coming from better intel on where the enemy is. Supposedly more people are coming forward with information. Perhaps we...
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    Couldn't read the article but agree

    The reliance on satellites, especially GPS without alternatives is dangerous. I've thought that where possible towers and buoys could be used as a backup to GPS. It could be further extended by using...
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    Good info

    Ken, Marc, I appreciate the infomation. It is illuminating. Do these cultural attributes apply to Afghanistan as well? I'm betting the haggling is the same, but are there nuances of difference in...
  13. Off topic

    I'm thinking if we ever kill OBL and his inner circle that we should not tell anyone about it. Just let the videos and pronouncements stop coming and the faithful wait for guidance that never comes.
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    Quality of information

    I see one of the big problems (for me anyways) is that I only have so many information sources (news media, government, here) and out of the sources I have I see contradictory messages. As one poster...
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    I'm probably showing my ignorance again

    but what Ken said about consulting allies had a real ring to it. Does anyone in a really methodical way ask the former insurgents what types of messages. media, and ways of turning them from the...
  16. "Russia is not self-confident but insecure. It is...

    "Russia is not self-confident but insecure. It is reliant on exports of natural resources, not its own ability to match American technological accomplishments. It is a waning power."

    This seems to...
  17. Any links for these for free real analysis sites?...

    Any links for these for free real analysis sites? I'd love to have them.
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    From what I understand Siatani doesn't want a...

    From what I understand Siatani doesn't want a political position as this would interfere with his job as a spiritual leader. I was thinking more on the line of helping in the areas where Sistani says...
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    Showing my ignorance

    Stupid of me to assume that professionals would not be familiar with all techniques of interrogation. I'm guessing it is civilians (like myself) of equal ignorance advocating torture. I'll study up...
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    Sistani has always seemed to be the most reasonable voice in Iraq (in my opinion) and we probably could have undermined Sadir by heavily backing Sistani from the start, using his knowledge and...
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    More great generals

    I saw most of the generals I'd pick in one list or another.

    Don't know if I saw the following though.

    Alfred von Schlieffen for his great invasion plan and it's modified version used...
  22. RE:interesting article

    It's kind of interesting for me first because unlike many here I've not heard a lot of this, and can't vouch one way or another for the truth of it. It seems to point to a pretty large amount of...
  23. Seems like a no brainer

    I'm amazed that such a basic need isn't being addressed properly. Having the training to keep all troops proficient in the use of their small arms seems to be as important to me as bakers knowing how...
  24. There's a lot of A-holes

    The posters under the video are all over the world. I'm guessing many of them fall into the category of America hater which is a very popular pastime based on a lack of critical thinking. In other...
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    American 'martyr" hero in Ramadi

    I thought this was a great story and looked around for a thread to put the link. In any case here it is
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