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    Charles Martel, Awesome namesake! Anyway,...

    Charles Martel,

    Awesome namesake!

    Anyway, I have been discussing this on the CAC blog, too. According to a string I read there, AR 600-3 is being changed to identify Information Operations...
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    Role of the G7


    Thanks for that very cogent response; it was extremely helpful. I was talking just today with the PAO officer on the 1st ID staff, and he suggested that the G-7 was pretty much a "planner"...
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    IO vs. FA30

    Thanks for the reply. I have read at least one article in which there seems to be a little angst between PSYOP and IO officers:
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    Role of G-7 in IE

    I have been reading FM 3-13 trying to get a better idea of the role the G-7 has in IE. As I look at Figure 6-1, I come away thinking of the G-7 as a conductor directing an orchestra of five core...
  5. I wonder if we should acknowledge Hamas, which...

    I wonder if we should acknowledge Hamas, which was democratically elected by the Palestinian people. Also, Hamas spends 90% of its budget on badly needed social welfare programs. We do not...
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    Role of religion in conflict resolution Role of...

    Role of religion in conflict resolution
    Role of religion in counterinsurgency

    Some feel that the soft power of religion is often overlooked in the politics of societies. It would be interesting...
  7. "Near Enemy" and "Far Enemy"

    I agree with this statement; however, convincing them not to kill the "near enemy" is only half the battle. We then need to convince them not to kill the "far enemy". If I remember correctly, this...
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    Just Breed

    The problem is the European selfishness that results in low birth rates forcing them to import labor. The solution is for them to breed so that they do not have to import labor. If they do not do...
  9. Great Speech

    I thought it was a near perfect speech. Also, I was happy that my 16 year old daughter, from Manhattan High School, was in the audience; and toward the end of the speech, Secretary Gates challenged...
  10. Agreement

    St Christopher,

    I agree that the DOD is not equipped to handle the entire SC mission. This is why I said in my other post that there is definitely a role for other organizations such as the DoS...
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    Tet Offensive: A Prediction

    I think this is a great question. As others on here know better than I, there are a lot of differences between Vietnam and Iraq. In the Tet Offensive, there were a lot of traditional engagements...
  12. Sunnism and DOD

    I have also noticed a similarity between Sunni/Salafist and Reformation ecclesiology. Perhaps this is another example of the dangers of too much individual religious interpretation!

  13. Clandestine vs. Covert

    So, NSA is clandestine, not covert? I never really thought of the semantic difference between the two. Is the overall point that the military is involved in strategic level intelligence, covert or...
  14. Thanks!!


    Thanks for the articles! They were very exciting reads; I am glad to know the DOD is making such great strides through the SPD in the IO arena, very important steps in national security!
  15. IO: Task Organization for Developong a Grand Strategy

    Good point! The difference is that the military does not have any core competencies that deal with economic aspects of national security, at least not that I am aware of. On the other hand, the...
  16. MI Operations

    Hi Adrian,

    As I understand things, the military is, in fact, involved in a lot of covert intelligence operations. The NSA actually coordinates these operations. I suppose I am thinking ther...
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    Reality Check

    You make some valid points, Sarajevo. However, the two claims you make above are not accurate. Sanctions were a result of Hussein not abiding by the UN mandates he agreed to at the end of Operation...
  18. DOD and IO as defense issue

    St. Christopher,

    Why do you feel this way? I know there is some criticism about the fact that the DOD might lose some credibility if it were viewed as engaging it propaganda type operations. ...
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    Here is a quote that sums up my point better than I can:

    "The Quran and other Muslim sacred scriptures, like those of other religions, are long, complex, and open to wide-ranging interpretations. ...
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    Honest Inquiry--Honestly!!


    If an alien were to land from another planet and read only the book of Job, would they have a comprehensive understanding of Christian theology? I don't think they would. If the same...
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    In my post, I was referring to the ideal of...

    In my post, I was referring to the ideal of Christianity. I would submit that the examples you provide in your response do not represent the ideal of Christianity. In fact, they were mostly...
  22. Thanks


    Thanks for your thoughts! I love to hear these things from primary sources, those who lived it. I agree with your statements about there not being victory or defeat in insurgency. It seems...
  23. Got it!!!

    Hi Gentile,

    I get you now. As you and everyone already know, Gray says this very thing in his article. War is war! Thanks for the clarification.


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    Hi Sarajevo, My question is less theological...

    Hi Sarajevo,

    My question is less theological and more in the IO arena. In the past, I have read the quote you posted, the one about no person being superior to other persons. This is often...
  25. Gray Article

    I have only read this article; I am sure he has several other great writings. I was telling Ken that I should have known, considering the audience, that this article had be referenced many times. ...
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