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    American attitudes and South Asia

    I promised in another thread that I would start a broader discussion of American attitudes toward South Asia, to include policy, both military and civilian.

    I realize this is an enormous topic but...
  2. More than one principle

    Of course it's a matter of principle. It's also being used to comment on the state of the India American relationship.

    More than one principle is at stake. The US shouldn't have let this get out...
  3. Adarsh Housing Scandal

    Lots of articles in this vein. It doesn't mean the US is correct but it bears on the opinion about this case in various constituencies.

    Most of the Western commentary has been about high flyers...
  4. Adarsh Housing Scandal

    The US should never have let things get this far and the initial error lies with the US. But this episode highlights how poorly the diplomatic services of both countries perform, at times.

  5. Bet this looks good domestically given the political situation and election season

    Read more at:

    Because removing security barriers and creating...
  6. What's really going on?

    I am sure the anger is real and even deserved but what is really going on in terms of the public way all of this is being handled? Or, like the Italian fisherman case or the Advancort case, is their...
  7. Back to the original question

    I don't have a specific title in mind but the following has been making the rounds and apparently has some interesting info on the 1971 war and its domestic ramifications. Haven't read it, don't...
  8. American diplomats

    If American diplomats are not behaving according to local law, then the local law is responsible. But if the cases is only enforced when there is some largely political point to make, then it is not...
  9. "as the whole nation is inflamed"

    What evidence supports this grand assertion? Portions of the electorate are inflamed, the media is inflamed, the political class is inflamed, some middle class commenters appear inflamed, but I have...
  10. Allegations of visa or immigration fraud are generally taken very seriously in the US

    No handcuffs according to one account. I would be very careful of stories from both sides....
  11. Allegations of visa fraud are a serious business

    Breath in Deep:

    There are a lot...
  12. Class not caste, carl

    Hey carl, I was having this conversation the other day with a friend when discussing this case.

    To look at everything in India through the lens of caste for India is the equivalent of using...
  13. No one looks good in this incident

    You are correct Ray, US policing has ugly aspects to it that the poor and less connected are very aware of but others don't see.

    Same too with the treatment of poorer migrant Indians abroad at the...
  14. Where is the Desi Tom Wolfe when you need him?


    Maidgate is the desi Bonfire of the Vanities:

    1. Class (not caste, non-desis, get this straight for a change).
    2. Diplomatic ineptitude, Indian and American.
    3. Corruption (A desi...
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    Another good catch

    Interesting article.
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    Good catch

    Looks like an interesting book.
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    NDTV report

    No US nationals? The report doesn't mention any of the things I posted. It didn't present the statements of the shipping company.

    It says that the ship entered the waters illegally. What defines...
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    I'll stop spamming this thread after this....

    How often are ships being detained these days? Is this increasing?
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    Again, on the AdvanFort site:

    From Oct. 19th press release. It's a bit strange, talking now about the "nebulous" nature of things:

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    Any SAJA journalists covering this?
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    Murky Waters

    Is there something political going on with the detention? Election related?

    So, why did the inspection results change?
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    Didn't see this originally....

    So, why was a certificate issued? What changed? Was the ship outside Indian waters and did it follow the Coast Guard at its request? If that is the case, how does the Indian Arms Act strictly follow?...
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    Conflicting and Confusing Reports

    This is confusing. Something isn't making sense.

    If you go to the AdvanFort site, there is something posted from October 17th, a Boarding Clearance Certificate from the Coast Guard that says,...
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    From Reason (on Briggs Plan)

    I sometimes note that American policy makers have trouble with scale (I first noted this in medicine, lots of people have made that...
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    Chin Peng autobiography

    Chapter 17 is titled: "The Briggs Plan Bites".

    PS: Not really an auto, but recollections.
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