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    Of working with the tribes - and others

    A couple of publications on Afghanistan that speak to working with the tribes - and others, like religious leaders and ex-militants - as the environment really demands. Glad this approach is gaining...
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    Afghanistan war photography, courtesy of the Taliban

    Here's the September issue of "In Fight" magazine, glossy compilation of photographs from the front put together by some element of the Taliban. October's issue is also available. Not sure if it's...
  3. As a US citizen, I know that lack of...

    As a US citizen, I know that lack of understanding has damaged my nation and cost us considerable "treasure and blood," as the blogs say. It continues to do so, for example, as we justify the use of...
  4. Knowledge, security, etc.

    I think it's relevant to SWJ folks because Pakistan's tribal areas are deeply relevant. And there's not much exposure to or working grasp of the area among the people who need it - in both the...
  5. Guns, guns, and more guns - Guardian review

    Here's a short review of Son of a Lion It's a gem, in its own quirky way.
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    Waziristan tribal elders

    First, Omar sahib, I've read your stuff on AM and here, and find it thoughtful and illuminating.

    In terms of tribal elders, I'm not at all convinced the embassy or aid community actually sought to...
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    Clinton met...Waziristan elders?

    Well, it turns out that she didn't really meet with "Pakhtun leaders" as we might reasonably understand it -- or the mix of traditional leaders I'd have hoped for in the current situation...
  8. Waziristan and FATA resources, past and present

    This site has good coverage of day-by-day actions and maps on South Waziristan campaign. They’ve also...
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    South Waziristan daily updates and maps

    This site is tracking day-by-day actions and maps on South Waziristan campaign

    They’ve also got...
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    North Waziristan...

    I've yet to read Three Cups of Tea, been too busy working in Afghanistan and Pakistan to get to it. I will, I will...

    I seem to remember hearing that Greg was held captive in North Waziristan....
  11. "Son of a Lion" opening in UK - a glimpse at Pakistan's tribal ways

    "Son of a Lion" will open in the UK on November 6th. Fascinating glimpse into Darra Adam Khel, bordering Pakistan's tribal areas.

    ‘This is one of my favourite films ever’- David Kilcullen, author...
  12. The drones of war

    IISS has an interesting article on drones that I saw referenced at Abu Muqawama. It provides some technical detail as well as insight into operational roles and operators.
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