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Default Threat or opportunity ...

It depends - political "METT-T"

The SWJ Blog has picked up this theme, Callwell, Mao, Galula, Sharp?, with a good comment by Dave Maxwell:

I remember when the book linked in the article above about the author Gene Sharp came out. I remember discussions with people who say that Unconventional Warfare in the classic sense of overthrowing a government, particularly a despotic or totalitarian regime, was a romantic notion of the past and no longer relevant, particularly in the post Cold War and post 9-11 world. Just like COIN after Vietnam, classic UW was no longer of value. Add this book to Hoffer's and Gurr's works and I think you have the basis for an Unconventional Warfare curriculum that has stood and will stand the test of time.
and also Sharp as a Modern Jomini? (with links).

Sharp's publications (and other links) are found at Albert Einstein Institute.

Maria J. Stephan and Erica Chenoweth, Why Civil Resistance Works - The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict (2008), is extensively footnoted.

Centre for Applied NonViolent Action & Strategies - CANVAS comes up fine on this computer.

Have to run now to see "MAJ MIKE, the Flight Surgeon" (quarterly checkup) - maybe later with more stuff.


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