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Default A Fine Talking Shop: The London Conference on Somalia

I expect not a few SWC readers have little time for grand diplomatic conferences, let alone on Somalia, especially as there have been eighteen to date since 1981.

Here is another viewpoint by a Somali analyst, ex-RUSI and now at SOAS:

Leaving aside piracy which is symptom of the Somali problem, the author Anna Rader, says:
...the focus on AMISOM has obscured the need to restore and rebuild Somalia’s national forces. These are the only ones ultimately able to secure Somalia in the long term, but the communiqué is weakened by insufficient mention of this issue, and particularly of police and coastguard capacity-building, which are obvious counterparts to the national army.
Given the various missions training Somali soldiers outside the country, who according to reports rarely stayed loyal upon returning home, what is the point of 'capacity building' every actor except the (TFG) government?

Sadly nothing has yet happened to persuade me that Somalis via their "leaders" have found a route map to leave their current position.

Incidentally I was intrigued to note the call for ending the supply of charcoal from southern Somalia, via Kismayo, to the Persian Gulf; alongside the suspicion that Al-Shabaab gain some money via port taxes.
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