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Default Battles on Snowshoes

1757 Battle on Snowshoes ("The French in their reports claimed the British had a distinct advantage due to their snowshoes") and 1758 Battle on Snowshoes ("The battle was given its name because the British combatants were wearing snowshoes");

but Bob Beavor's book shows what looks like a French colonial soldat, a Canadian militiaman and an Indian warrior - on snowshoes (Hurons / Michigans, to my eye).

So, the question is whether at least some of the French-side combatants wore snowshoes.

Just addressing the 1757 battle, I can see the regulars from the Languedoc regiment not having snowshoes. However, Langlade and his Ottawas not having snowshoes in January - not likely.

Does anyone know the material facts ?


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