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Originally Posted by jmm99 View Post
So, the question is whether at least some of the French-side combatants wore snowshoes.

Just addressing the 1757 battle, I can see the regulars from the Languedoc regiment not having snowshoes. However, Langlade and his Ottawas not having snowshoes in January - not likely.

Does anyone know the material facts ?
I don't know for sure, but that one has puzzled me, too. The two options I have come up with are that: 1) the AAR was doctored and 2) everyone on the French side of things removed their snowshoes in the course of setting up the ambush because of how much they added to their profiles. Their powder was wet and if the lampwick or whatever they were using for their bindings was, too, it would have frozen up while they lie in wait and they would not have been able to refasten it. In any case, refastening the bindings under fire doesn't seem very feasible to me, anyway.

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