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Default Epilogue in rhyme and reason


You always do it your way. I expect nothing less from someone who mentored me to to things the right way, not the easy/safe way. Thanks for always being there for all of us. I hope Katy can make it to the wedding also. She looks like a wonderful lady. SEE YOU SOON!



MIKE! What’s wrong with you? You need to let us go!
You have your own life to live without our baggage!

Mike, you have a wonderful life, a beautiful daughter, yet you throw it away with your inner anger.

Mike, think of us, sometimes, cry for us. But don’t grieve for us. We are all gone…dead in your world. We have been dead for a long, long time….

Mike, let us rest so that you can rest. Don’t suffer for us anymore. We never wanted it much less needed it.

You have lived for us long enough. Now, live your own life. Enjoy each dawn, cherish each of your remaining days with joy in your heart, live in each step and know that we will always be with you. Mike, keep living!

Please learn from your war.
Yes, you have lost influence over us. We have control!

Mike, love everyday! Recognize that you lost way too many days…Regain control and love yourself. Live and cherish your new beginning.

Think of us with a clean understanding that we also loved you.
We will now say good-bye.

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