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Default Redemption song...

as if three birds are enough for US in this time that you fear the sky is falling down and armagedon is upon us...So turns the widening gyre...

In concern of what I might do or what I've done to reason with my dave says...I'm just no longer afraid to voice how i once felt.....alone here i am mind in knots....drink and smoke some of you do....i stopped and looked in the mirror. I enjoy what i see....i now pray for you as you may be closer to dave...rhyme and reason and song 41 for long as we talk we are still here....

walking the line i erased long ago....i will listen to you now

we stand for nothing at times UNLESS we let go....

don't worry for me...just think for yourself

if you're still confused just remember this is how i once conquered turki village and zaganiyah...


When the towers fell, I was there
During the Thunder Runs, I was there
When Iraq burned in genocide, I was there
I am every soldier, sailor, airman, and marine

When the roads exploded, I showed no fear
When my soldiers died, I shed no tear
When my daughter was born, I did not feel
When the war is done, I cannot heal

Drowning in sorrow, unbridled anger deep within
A poisonous cancer just below the skin
Ravenous voices penetrate my thought
Please, please tell me all wasn't for naught

Alone in my cage I perpetually rest
Missing, wanting, needing my best
Determined to reconcile, obstacles to overcome
Always mindful, every mindful, back to where I'm from

Reset, Refocused, Reborn, my attention turns again
To my beautiful daughter, playing in the sand
Innocent and thoughtful, I begin to understand
The audacity of hope must always transcend

In the darkness of night, no moon penetrates
Politicians and pundits fear in rabid debates
Alone stands the soldier, protecting the sheep
Alone is the widow, no longer to sleep

As the darkness darkens, no end in sight
What is on the horizon, but a new morning's light
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