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Default Interviews...

Including the Kaimov article above I have located interviews of 16 Chechens - here are the remainder:

Suleiman Bustaev - Commander, took part in the operations against Gudermes (December 1995), Pervomaiskaia, and Grozny.

Dalkhan Khozhev - Chief of Ahmad Zakaev’s HQ in the South-West.

Ahmad Zakaev - South-West Commander.

Aydemir Abalaev - Commander of the Zandak Regiment.

Ali Demaev - Head of communications for the South-East Commander-in-Chief.

Ruslan Alikhadzhiev - Commander Southern Front.

Ali Atgireyev - Commanded units in all battles of Grozny, took part in the Pervomaiskaia expedition, was commander of the Shelkovski raion during the 1995-6 cease-fire, previously took part in military operations in Abkhazia.

Apty Batalov - Commander of Naursky and Nadtechny raions.

Husein Iskhanov - Aslan Maskhadov’s ADC.

Hamid Iangulbaev - Village Commander.

Ilyas Akhmadov - ADC to Shamil Basaev and later to Aslan Maskhadov.

Magomed Khambiev - Commander of the Chechen National Guard.

Payzullah Nutsulkhanov - Aslan Maskhadov’s Chief of Staff, in charge of logistics.

Said Iskhanov - Intelligence on Grozny.

Said Iskhanov - Part II - on weapons employment.

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