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Originally Posted by davidbfpo View Post
Not an easy subject and a quick, simple Google search found many articles, often from familiar places where Small Wars feature in modern times.

The search was prompted by Jessica Stern who has written a reflective piece in The Washington Post weekend edition, which is behind a free registration "wall":

Or use the attachment, with some passages in bold on the issue.

What attracted my attention were a few passages and I use three:

Another good article on the problem:

I have not read about sexual violence as a factor, although I've heard references to the impact of torture by government agencies and non-state groups - notably from North Africa.

david, your right not an easy subject, but there is much to learn here. I saw this a lot in Domestic Violence cases, which is why the wife calls the Police and when they respond and arrest the Husband they will often fight the police or post the husbands bail. Physical domination/abuse(not just rape) over extended periods of time will cause the person to literally loose their mind,their own sense of person, and they assume or cooperate with the violent/dominant personality. Insurgencies are just big cases of Domestic Violence and we (USA/UK) often show up like the Cop to fix it. Only to find out we are in the middle of Karpman's triangle.

COIN theory often goes wrong by failing to understand this principle IMO. COIN theorist should study successful DV/Stalking units to see how to interrupt this cycle and regrettably when you can't,sometimes you have to realize until the person wants help and will cooperate there may not be anything you can do.

PS. this deals the real "Games People Play" not just theoretical prisoners dilemma game theory.

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