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Default Refighting 2003


In the article, I tried to highlight your statements by showing how from the CPA in Iraq to A'stan's "Gov't in a Box" we still don't get it despite a lot of talk in the Post-Cold War Era. I refrained from using "lip service."

I have a friend in the Jedi School (SAMS) right now, and for his thesis, I think he is going to argue that if we sent in more troops initially and hijacked Paul Bremer!, then much of the mess in Iraq would not have happened.

While I feel his sentiment, I think that I disagree b/c (as Toby Dodge has argued) Iraq was already on the brink of collapse- Saddam was holding it together. We took out Saddam, ergo too much change too fast was going to cause chaos.

I think that Libya and Egypt will provide us with a better sense of who is more right unless we're all wrong.
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