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Default Fighting the Mau Mau: COIN in the Kenya Emergency

More of an update on this campaign, which rarely gets attention here. There are three previous posts in this thread: 17,21 & 22. Kenya does appear in nine threads in this arena; whereas other campaigns have their own threads sch as Malaya, Palestine, Iraq and Dhofar.

This linked article reviews recent books on the use of force - away from the frontline; including torture, which has its own thread:

It ends with:
The saga of the Hanslope files provides a suitable shabby and disreputable coda to a brutal counter-insurgency campaign which was surrounded by lies and cover-ups. But the new mythology surrounding them distorts our understanding of the affair as well as misrepresenting the essentially collaborative nature of historical enquiry and wildly exaggerating the degree to which the archives were successfully sanitised.

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