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Default The diary of a former UN sanctions buster

This is a historical account, affecting both South Sudan and Sudan; he starts with:
The author resigned his UN mandate as one of the experts charged with administering the Sudan/Darfur sanctions agreed under the "Responsibility to Protect". The sanctions against individuals could not work, and indeed, the UN knew this and violated its very own sanctions in trying to bring peace to the region. But the UN's need to preserve the pretence of a common international response to war violence forces it to deviate from the important tasks required for peace. The Responsibility to Protect should not be instrumentalised like this
The author is not bitter:
We can only conclude that in the case of Sudan, they never really wanted to act and have been happy to maintain the illusion that the UN is acting. When action fails, they can blame - and eventually even sanction - the local players for a mess that is in fact in part of their own making.
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