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This Profession of Arms campaign will focus largely on 4 domains: military-technical, human development, moral-ethical, and political-cultural. It is important that the Army ensure strength in each domain.
Chris as you know, technology constantly evolves and how we decide to adapt or employ it enhances (or detracts) from our ability to do our job, but it doesn't define our purpose and we're clearly not about technology. The same can be said about human development.

Our moral-ethical and political-cultural (not sure how you separate these two) IMO are clearly what defines are profession.

On a side note I agree with Bob's W that we risk losing something (and already have, again IMO) by over professionalizing the Army (which is frequently practiced as standardization, you will enter the borg and become incapable of independent thinking). Even SF has a lost a lot of the individualism (controlled by a common purpose) when it went to the Regt system.

Definitely important topics for our Army and our nation.
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