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"nipping things in the bud" is what the Special Forces community is doing in dozens of countries around the world every day. It is the largest aspect of Foreign Internal Defense. It is done best by small footprint operations executed with a regularity and in a manner that builds enduring relationships at the personal level. It works well.

Security Force Assistance is a steroid infused version of the same that could potentially see the Army attempting to send BCTs into a mission typically addressed by an ODA. Bigger footprints, different manner, less personal, less frequent. Another example of "Means-driven" operations. How to justify all these BCTs as operations draw down in Iraq and Afghanistan, employ them against an enduring mission that someone else is already doing just fine.

The Army did the same thing prior to the Balkans kicking off when it got involved with NORTHCOM and the National Guard's mission domestically. Increased OPTEMPO overseas soon made them wish they hadn't attempted that hostile takeover.

Yes, we need a professional core to the army, but we also need an army that does more than just change missions, it must change size as well.
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