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Default My thought at your initial comment was

Originally Posted by Chris Case View Post pointing out the possibility is hardly "ludicrous" as the title of your reply claims...
"Make standing broad jumps at wrong conclusions often?"

That does not equate to ludicrous, a judgment call, however it does seem to imply that your comment was perhaps a bit hasty.
Quote: reply to Bill's claim was in an effort to clarify what he was describing...
Perfectly understandable and I agree with you that he wasn't clear. Still, it helps to phrase questions with a "Did you mean..." as opposed to "That is flipping criminal..."

FWIW, you can use the search function on the site and discover that many discussions on the topic have been held and the post above by Robert C. Jones stating his opinion on what should happen have been echoed by me and others -- still others have posed alternatives.

Here are some Threads on or near the topic: LINK, LINK, LINK.
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