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Default Dhofar Province, Oman

This 'small war' has appeared on other threads, only with a mention and in particular in the 'what are you reading' thread.

Yesterday this story appeared 'RAF pilots carried out secret raids in Yemen' and for a moment I thought we'd joined the USAF in contemporary raids. No, it was during the Dhofar War:

Hardly a 'small war':
In 1975 a major air offensive, again involving RAF pilots, lasted six weeks destroying ammunition dumps and command and control centres, resupply convoys, gun emplacements and heavy artillery.
More bombs were dropped than by the RAF during the entire Falklands War.
The book cited as the source is Rowland White's book Storm Front:

Linked to that is an obituary of the RAF pilot / CO involved in Oman when seconded to the Oman AF, in particular his part in the legendary SAS battle at Mirbat in 1972:

Aged only 50, he fell victim to a crippling illness requiring treatment in a nursing home until his death on April 23 this year.
Twenty-four years confinement.

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