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Default General Dempsey's Key-Note (Quicklook Notes)

General Martin Dempsey, CG TRADOC, kicked-off the TRADOC Senior Leaders Conference this morning. Major themes:
  • We shouldn’t be “comfortable” here at the SLC, our business is not one of comfort in addressing the way things are and where we are going.
  • Change is a recurring theme within the Army and TRADOC, we have to balance our needs in two theaters and at home. We will know more about how some of this change will impact TRADOC once General McChrystal’s Afghanistan strategy is formulated.
  • Changes you will see before the next SLC (6 months) include elections in Iraq and Afghanistan – those elections will fundamentally change how we address those two missions.
  • We will have a single requirements process not two. (Single METL for a full spectrum force)
  • Wiki for TTP recommendations – if we can’t trust ourselves… Looking further at Wiki and Flickr capabilities.
  • We can’t build a “perfect” Army, but if we build one that is good enough we can adapt it.
  • Everyone says how important the human dimension is but the problem is everyone has a different idea what the “human dimension” is. TRADOC is going to work this threw the wickets and come up with a single coherent concept on human dimension.
  • NCO’s will be in charge of their own professional education / development program.
  • We will redesign the Army every five years, not thinking in terms of 25 years. We might not get there but we need to try.
  • Organizational design – we need to focus on incremental change not leap ahead – we shouldn’t be thinking in terms of leap ahead.
  • Outcomes based training and education.
  • Era of transparency.
  • Change and pace of change – make yourself uncomfortable.
  • Distance learning was 10 years ago – we need to adapt to mobile training.
  • On the temporary Army increase in manpower – we intend to make “MOS's more preciesely aligned with ARFORGEN”.

Bumper sticker for the SLC – The Military Power of Our Nation Will be Measured by Our Ability to Adapt.
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