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Default Vuja De. Never been there...

Iraq during this unpleasantness, that is. How some ever I've been there and thus could have predicted this end result -- except I hoped we'd be smater this time 'round. The effects, though, I've sure seen before. Korea, Dominican Republic, Viet Nam. What a waste. Of time, effort, money and troops. Especially troops...

You'd think we'd learn. We apparently cannot because each new iteration of 'leaders,' political and military, must do things their way -- 'and this time it'll be done right...'

Then it turns out you can only do so much with a given concept and set of troop hiring, training and employment guidelines and ideas (or a lack of them...).

Interesting comment on the front page by one Ali:
"The best things for USA is to understand that ground and its realities can temporarliy be altered but never changed completely.They have tried it in Veitnam, then in Afghanistan and now trying to manipulate the same in Pakistan.The common denominator is all this is only the partial success which must be weighed sensibly against the cost and resources being diverted for such misadventures."
Too true; if he and I can figure that out -- as can many others -- why can't those so called 'leaders' see it?
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