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Probably shall you think that the way I reason is simplistic about this subject, but I know about an unchallengeable weapon I name: money.

If you have it and your opponent doesn’t you’ll win, no matter how astute are the enemy’s countermeasures and how strong are its will and courage. For, strength and courage is something you’ll have it too. About wit, money buys it too.

Example: the GPS. Some angry ones on the “East bank,” if I may say so, crave to challenge the GPS and to create their own GPS system because GPS jamming is not a panacea. Jamming doesn’t solve all problems. But they cannot have their own GPS system despite a strong will to do so, just because it is too expensive for them. And even though there would be a way to get it, at last, then their mind would be overwhelmed by doubt proportional to the exhausting investment.
It’s Kind of Star Wars, a ground on which the United States has the enormous advantage to feel at ease both materially and ethically; and it just happens that these opponents I am making allusion too have a problem with money; both materially and ethically!
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