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Originally Posted by Surferbeetle View Post
Books are heavy, instead consider going digital:

MIT OpenCourseWare:

Calculus references

Save some space in your ruck for a graphing calculator. If you like RPN and a tough/quality product try a HP if you like a easier to use calculator try a TI
Sure, make me look like a dinosaur!

Embarrassingly enough, an acquaintance of mine was the director of the MIT OCW Consortium back in 2007-2008. Thanks for the advice re: graphing calculators. I'm going to try to use my old TI-86 but may have to upgrade.

How about the Australian School of the Air as a case study?
I'm with Steve, Alexander and you in this regard. Radio has been totally underutilized as an educational medium in Afghanistan, not to mention for "IO" purposes. I saw a documentary on the School of the Air and while it would take a certain amount of discipline and support from family (e.g., don't have kids digging ditches or let them run wild when the classes are being conducted), the materials could be distributed fairly easily (like the Reader proposed by Steve).
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