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Default Moral Victories Project

An Anglo-Scottish-American project, based @ Glasgow University, Moral Victories and their aim:
Our aim is to bring together scholars and military professionals to consider the ethical issues that arise in relation to how violent armed conflicts are concluded. We are particularly interested in the concept of military victory, and what it may mean in the contemporary security environment.

First, what constitutes military victory in an era when battles are no longer confined to battlefields, but are instead fought remotely and using technologies that negate the need for direct confrontation? Second, how may we recognize victory when it is achieved? That is to say, what are the markers of victory in modern war? Finally, assuming we can indeed discern victory, what rights can the winner in battle leverage by virtue of its victory? Viewed in concert, these timely questions provoke us to re-consider the overlap (and/or tension) between the ethical and strategic dimensions of conflict in the current security environment and the relation that prevails between winning wars and winning the peace.

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