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Originally Posted by OUTLAW 09 View Post
For the last three months my IT company, together with German partners, @bellingcat, DFLab and tens of twitter users have been literally in a state of open non violent bot army war and believe me they do exist and Russia is extremely good at using them for disinformation, propaganda, spamming and criminal hacking.

This has now reached a certain sophistication that is not normal on the part of Russian intel services so that one can actually use the term open info war fought 24 x 7 X 365 for the heart and soul of a society

Since the Russia infowar thread is closed I will post all links that are available on this thread as it does apply to malware, disinformation and propaganda and hacking all tied into one namely bots.

Enjoy the reading and hopefully one can learn what really Russian infowarfare looks like in the 21st century


.@Twitter bots in action - #Russian #informationwarfare methods designed for "easy exploitation - high impact"

IoT malware clashes in a botnet territory battle

The “Star Wars” botnet with >350k Twitter bots

How a Bot Army Probably Got Me Kicked Off Twitter
Is this all connected to this Russian RT translated Kommersant news from 2012?

Third, and probably most important, of the systems is Storm-12 – its task is to automatically spread the necessary information through the blogosphere, as well as “information support of operations with pre-prepared scenarios of influence on mass audience in social networks.”

The first two systems are to be ready by the end of 2012 and the third by 2013.
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