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Default Case Western Reserve - Lawfare

Case Western Reserve (Vol. 43, Nos. 1 & 2, 2011) has created what, in effect, is an online course in "Lawfare", which presents different issue areas and differing points of view in answer to the question: LAWFARE!:ARE AMERICA'S ENEMIES USING THE LAW AGAINST US AS A WEAPON OF WAR?

Here are the contents (each a separate .pdf) which can be reached from the link above:

Foreward: Lawfare!
Michael P. Scharf & Shannon Pagano

Is Lawfare Worth Defining? Report of the Cleveland Experts Meeting
Michael Scharf & Elizabeth Andersen, assisted by Cox Center Fellows Effy Folberg, Michael Jacobson, & Katlyn Kraus

Historical and Semiotic Origins of "Lawfare"

Historical and Semiotic Origins of "Lawfare"
Susan W. Tiefenbrun

The Curious Career of Lawfare
Wouter G. Werner

Lawfare or Strategic Communications?
Dr. Gregory P. Noone

Lawfare: A Rhetorical Analysis
Tawia Ansah

Is "Lawfare" a Useful Term?

Does Lawfare Need an Apologia?
Major General Charles J. Dunlap, Jr.

Lawfare: A War Worth Fighting
Dr. Paul R. Williams

On Legal Subterfuge and the So-Called "Lawfare"
Leila Nadya Sadat & Jing Geng

The Dangers of Lawfare
Scott Horton

Lawfare and War Crimes Tribunals

Lawfare: Where Justice Meets Peace
The Honorable Principal Judge of Uganda, Justice James Ogoola

Lawfare and the International Tribunals: A Question of Definition? A Reflection on the Creation of the "Khmer Rouge Tribunal"
Robert Petit

The Take Down: Case Studies Regarding "Lawfare" in International Criminal Justice: The West African Experience
David M. Crane

Whose Lawfare is it, Anyway?
David Scheffer

Lawfare and the Israeli-Palestine Predicament

The Gaza Strip: Israel, Its Foreign Policy, and the Goldstone Report
Milena Sterio

Illustrating Illegitimate Lawfare
Michael A. Newton

Finding Facts But Missing the Law: The Goldstone Report, Gaza, and Lawfare
Laurie R. Blank

Gaza, Goldstone, and Lawfare
William A. Schabas

Litigating the Arab-Israeli Conflict in U.S. Courts: Critiquing the Lawfare Critique
William J. Aceves

Lawfare and the War on Terror

"Lawfare" in the War on Terrorism: A Reclamation Project
Melissa A. Waters

Lawfare and Counterlawfare: The Demonization of the Gitmo Bar and other Legal Strategies in the War on Terror
David J. R. Frakt

The Value of Claiming Torture: An Analysis of al-Qaeda's Tactical Lawfare Strategy and Efforts to Fight Back
Michael J. Lebowitz

Lawfare and U.S. National Security
Professor Orde F. Kittrie

Beyond Traditional Concepts of Lawfare

Lawfare and the Definition of Aggression: What the Soviet Union and Russian Federation Can Teach Us
Christi Scott Bartman, MPA, JD, PhD

The Knight's Code, not his Lance
Jamie A. Williamson

Carl Schmitt and the Critique of Lawfare
David Luban

Issues on International Humanitarian Law and Genocide

The Legality of Reciprocity in the War Against Terrorism
Ambassador Robbie Sabel

The Status of Corporations in the Travaux Preparatoires of the Genocide Convention: The Search for Personhood
Michael J. Kelly

Frederick K. Cox International Law Center Lecture in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law

Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Conflict or Convergence
Sir Christopher Greenwood, CMG, QC

Student Note

Animals Are Property: The Violations of Soldiers' Rights to Strays in Iraq
DanaMarie Pannella
Each of these are tidbits (~ 10-20 pages).



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