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Indian deterrent from the concept point of view for our adversaries are well in place. The nuclear threshold has been catered for against Pakistan with what is popularly termed as the Cold Start.

In the numbers game, as it is well know, two Divisions are being added to the Eastern front.

Indian foreign policy is very passive and the defence forces are geared to translate what is dictated them. We are capable of defending our territorial integrity, but maybe we are not quite capable of offensive actions.

The problem is that Indian indigenous defence industry is as good as not be there. The Defence Public Service Undertaking are merely assembling foreign weapon systems where we have the option of Licence Production/ Transfer of Technology. The Defence Research and Development Organisation excepting in the Nuclear and Rocket Science have no major contribution.

The fact that India depends heavily on foreign nations for its weaponry is the Achilles Heel because if a sanction is imposed, as it has been done earlier, then the war machine is up for the grabs.

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