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Orignally posted by Marc in reply to Wilf:

Serious question here, do you think it is because they don't know what worked or because they don't know why it worked (or something else)?
Marc, I'd say both.

Wrt to both - I think to have a better shot at it you have to:

first do the hard work of determining what conditions you are actually trying to change as they relate to the problem (assuming you know the problem)

second determine which tasks will change those conditions and assign MOEs to each specific task to help you know if you are indeed doing the right things

third assign MOPs to that task to help you know if you are doing the right things well enough

I've attached a variation of an image we are using in the new SFA Planner's Guide we will probably release next week on FSF Force Development

In this variation the logic is aimed at both the operating force and the generating force.

However, if you don't have the logic going in, then you are forced to accept the additional bias that goes with looking over your shoulder and trying to recreate conditions as they were vs. just how you remembeer them, or how you wish they were. Even armed with it going in, you still need to have sufficent indicators to tell you when you are off track.

If you never do this, then you are free to chalk it all up to art, and interpretation.

Best, Rob
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